Tobias Reeuwijk is a film producer based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Hong Kong, he is Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch. A fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese and English, Tobias grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii where he attended Punahou School. He later received a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Asian Studies. While matriculating, he studied overseas at Beijing Language and Culture University

Tobias began his professional career as a camera assistant on commercial sets and subsequently worked as a multimedia producer at The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, he started a production company that was responsible for a number of commercials and documentaries. 

Exploring his interests, Tobias followed a conservation workshop team, including four Bhutanese monks and a royal scholar, over the course of three years as it raced against a mass extinction of Bhutan’s culture while embarking on a lifelong journey to restore sacred scrolls to their former glory.

Currently, Tobias is enrolled at the University of Southern California where he is working to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in film producing.